The Best Subscription Book Boxes for Kids

subscription book boxes for kids

Are you curious about the subscription book boxes you see all over your social media feeds?

They’re not just for adults. They’re for kids, too!

Perhaps you’re looking for a bookish gift for your kid. Or maybe you want to curate a list of books personalized to your child.

I did the dirty work for you and explored dozens of subscription boxes, examining the content, cost, and value. I poured over reviews and selected the best of the best to feature here.

With each mini-review, I go through various subscription options, pricing, as well as the pros to each box.

Read on if this is something that interests you…

What Is a Subscription Book Box?

A subscription book box is a monthly delivery of carefully curated books based on age, interest, and reading level. Some boxes contain books exclusively; others add extras (aka bookish swag) like bookmarks, stickers, and extra learning activities.

If you struggle to know what books to buy for your young reader, these subscription services provide you with new titles you might not have known about otherwise.

Many of them have coherent themes to the boxes, which aid in post-reading comprehension and discussion.

Kids love receiving mail! They’ll jump up and down when one of these boxes shows up on the doorstep.

It’s good fun!

Products like these encourage kids to read, and we all want our kids to read.

All of the subscription boxes I examined allow for a one-time gift box you can send to your little loved ones. Honestly, I can’t think of a better gift for kids.

The Cool Subscription Book Box: Literati Kids Book Clubs


I am in love with Literati Kids Book Clubs!

subscription book boxes for kids

How It Works:

  • The cost is $9.95 per month per shipment, plus the cost of any books you choose to keep.
  • Each month, you’ll receive five kids’ books in a magical subscription package that’s personalized for your child.
  • You have one week to explore the books. Choose your favorites and send back any returns for FREE.

The five expertly-chosen books are based on a unique theme. Some examples of past themes are “Science and Innovation,” “Myth, Fairy Tales, and Folklore,” and “Poetry and the Song of Spring.”

Some of the books are classics and bestsellers, and others are Literati-edition titles you can’t purchase anywhere else.

The idea here is that exposing a child to new ideas and genres can plant a seed that grows organically to shape a lifelong passion.

Literati claims they beat Amazon list prices on their books.

Ages 9-12 belong to Club Phoenix. Club Phoenix aims to keep the love of reading alive throughout the preteen years.

Bonus: Literati donated over 100K books with help from the donations of book club members.

Why Is Literati Kids One of the Best Subscription Book Boxes for Kids?

  • Flexibility. You have the option to return the books your children won’t read & you have a week to make your decision.
  • Reasonable cost. $9.95 per month is fair, depending on how many of the five books you end up keeping and how much the individual books cost.
  • Concept. The book club idea intrigues me. Kids can connect with other kids through the online book club.
  • Exclusive products. Literati sends exclusive books, which means you’ll receive books you can’t get anywhere else.
  • Fast shipping. This subscription is modern in that it’s built on the principles of flexibility, freedom of choice, and fast shipping.

The Practical Subscription Book Box: Amazon Prime Book Box

Surprised to see the Amazon Prime Book Box on the list? 😂

Listen, we’re all a little sick of Amazon hogging the limelight, but it’s fast, it’s efficient, and you can’t catch a deadly virus from online shopping.

This is a practical, solid subscription box. And I like practical things.

amazon book box

How It Works:

  • The cost is $22.99 per box, plus tax. Shipping is free.
  • You choose for your child to receive a box every one, two, or three months.
  • Each box contains two beautiful hardcovers tailored to your child’s interests.
  • You can swap out books and choose new ones from a curated list of four alternatives so you never receive books you already own.

For your first box, you have the option of choosing the books your child receives. After that, you’ll receive an email with information about each of the books included in the Prime Book Box.

You will have five days to review the selection and make changes before the box is shipped.

Amazon prices the hardcovers at 33% off the list price.

For example, this month’s book choices for kids ages 9-13 are Millionaires for the Month, Dog Driven, Before the Ever After, Wishes & Wellingtons, Finn and the Intergalactic Lunchbox, and Paula Santiago and the River of Tears.

You have the option to send an individual book box or subscription as a gift.

Note: This is a no-frills gift box, and it doesn’t include any extras or bookish merchandise.

Why is Amazon Prime Book Box One of the Best Subscription Boxes for Kids?

  • Ease. The subscription ties into your Amazon Prime account where you get free and fast shipping.
  • Cost. I did the math on how much it costs to buy two new hardcovers and compared it to the price of the subscription box. It truly saves you about 33% off the titles. That’s a deal!
  • Access. You get brand new titles in these boxes, so it’s unlikely your child already owns the books.
  • Flexibility. If you don’t like a title, you can choose from a list and swap it out.

The Tween Girl Subscription Book Box: Between the Bookends

What an adorable idea for girls ages 9-13!

Between the Bookends boxes were designed to keep girls reading, and have fun while doing so.

How It Works:

  • For $29.99 a month, the beTWEEN the Bookends Box includes at least two books, a bookmark, 6-8 lifestyle products, and some extra goodies.
  • The Mini-Box includes one book, 3-4 lifestyle products, and some extra goodies, and it costs $16.99 a month.
  • For $12.99 a month, the Just Books Box contains 2-3 books and a bookmark.
  • Choose your subscription package and start receiving boxes immediately.
subscription book boxes for kids

Fun fact: A 13-year-old created Between the Bookends to keep kids “into” reading for fun!

Why is Between the Bookends One of the Best Subscription Book Boxes for Kids?

  • Family-owned. A mother-daughter team runs Between the Bookends. The teen makes sure the books are titles other girls would like; the mom makes sure the content is appropriate.
  • Cool goodies. The boxes contain lots of goodies tweens love such as soaps, plush, nail polish, eye masks, etc.
  • The effort to target tween girls. I appreciate the effort to target tween girls. At this age, girls begin to struggle with self-confidence. This subscription box celebrates girlhood in all the right ways.

Like the other book boxes, you can gift a one-time box or subscription to a young reader.

Also, you can shop for goodies on the company’s website.

The Hyped Subscription Book Box: Owlcrate Jr.

If you’re familiar with Owlcrate, their YA subscription book box probably comes to mind first. These days, you see it hyped all over social media.

These boxes are beautiful!

Owlcrate sells a book box for young readers, too, called Owlcrate Jr., and it’s every bit as lovely as its parent box.

How It Works:

  • The cost is 27.99 per month. You can select a monthly, 3-month, or 6-month plan.
  • Each month, you’ll receive a new MG hardcover and 4-6 fun, unique items based on the month’s theme.
owlcrate jr book box for kids

Owlcrate Jr gears the boxes toward higher reading levels.

You can gift a box or subscription to a young reader.

Why is Owlcrate Jr. One of the Best Subscription Book Boxes for Kids?

  • Sweet merchandise! These boxes contain a lot of fun merch in addition to the books. Kids get a letter and signed bookplate from the author, collectibles, monthly stickers, activities, and/or games.
  • Fun factor. These boxes are colorful, diverse, and fun!
  • Bigger bang for your buck. The price is similar to other boxes, but you get a lot more extras in this box.

The Family-Owned Subscription Book Box: Reading Bug

I do everything possible to support family-owned, independent bookstores.

Reading Bugs is an indie store located in San Carlos, CA. They carry boxes for every age and stage from newborns to readers ages 8-13.

How It Works:

  • You personalize preferences for your particular child based on age, interests, and reading ability.
  • The personalized boxes start at $27. Multi-month options are available as well.
  • All boxes ship between the 10th -20th of every month.
  • You can cancel at any time.

So what’s in the box? Each box is tailored to its individual reader. Books are handpicked to match your child’s interests.

subscription book boxes for kids

In addition to the books, the boxes may contain stickers, art supplies, small games, activities, a monthly note with tips for follow-up reading and activities, and more.

Why is Reading Bug One of the Best Subscription Boxes for Kids?

  • Family-owned. These boxes are part of a family-owned business. Reading experts curate the boxes to fit the reader (not the other way around).
  • Personalization. I appreciate that you can personalize preferences for your child. Does your daughter like dinosaurs? Well, mention it on your preference sheet.
  • You can continually modify your reader’s preference sheet to reflect your child’s interests.
  • Details. The attention to detail with these boxes is top-notch.

As with other subscription boxes, you can cancel at any time.

You can gift a box to the child in your life as well.


Hands down, these boxes rock!

No matter which box you choose for your child, you can’t go wrong. Books truly make the greatest gifts! For more inspiration, see Gifts for Kids Who Love to Read.

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