Monday Confession: Bad Book Habits

Monday Confession: I have bad book habits. To be fair, I’ve never thought of my book habits as “bad,” but it’s apparent the bookish community begs to differ.

Bad Book Habit #1: Dog-Ears

As a newbie to the Twitter writing community, I posted a simple question about bookmarks or dog-ears. I meant it to be a fun get-to-know-you exercise, but I received quite an earful (eyeful?).

Some of the comments I received:

  • “When someone dog-ears, I die a little inside.”
  • “I’m not a barbarian.”
  • “It’s book-abuse.”
  • “Why would you desecrate a book?”
  • “Blasphemy!”
  • “Dog-ear should be illegal.”

Whoa!! For a hot minute, I almost regretted tweeting. Then, I remembered. People have opinions about EVERYTHING. Who knew dog-ears were such a contentious issue? From the responses I got, I learned readers overwhelmingly use bookmarks.

My bookshelves hold any number of beautiful bookmarks, most of them gifted to me by well-intentioned family and friends. I just don’t use them. Instead, I fold down the corner of the page to mark my place. The only exceptions are library books or borrowed books because it’s just rude to mess with someone else’s property. (The same exceptions apply to all of my bad book habits.)

Bad Book Habit
Bad Book Habit: Dog-Ears

But wait…it gets worse.

Bad Book Habit #2: Cracked Spines

This next admission of guilt may cause some serious pearl-clutching. Get this: I crack book spines (runs and ducks).

I know, I know…I’m evil. Hear me out! I love my books. As a lifelong reader, I go through copious amounts of book each year. When I crack a spine, I’m showing my book some love. For me, it’s a sign the book has been read and loved. Besides, it’s stiff and uncomfortable to read a paperback without bending it a little. Spine-breaker for life! ✌️

Bad Book Habit
Bad Book Habit: Cracked Spines

Bad Book Habit #3: Marking Up Books

Last but not least, I highlight, write, and scribble in my books. [gasp!] Over the years, I’ve kept journals filled with my favorite lines from the books I’ve read, and it’s easier for me to find my favorites when I underline or highlight as I’m reading.

As a writer who is always looking to improve her craft, there are times I want to scribble notes in the margins or highlight a passage for future reference. Why? Because the writer was THAT good, and I learned something from them. I want to go back and read these selected passages again and again and again.

Books are a roadmap to the way my mind works
Books are a roadmap to the way my mind works

You could say my books are a roadmap to the way my mind works. I respect books, and I admire writers for their fearlessness, vulnerability, and boundless imagination. While I may have bad book habits, I adore the written word. Haters gonna hate. And that’s ok. I’m going to keep living my best book life.

**This post is the first of a series called Monday Confessions**

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