20 of the Best Journals for Kids

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In an age where most kids are glued to their screens, it is more important than ever to encourage writing. Writing helps kids learn how to express themselves, organize their thoughts, and develop communication skills. It also helps them practice problem-solving and thinking critically.

We’ve compiled a list of the 20 best journals for kids in 2022!

You’ll find lots of kids’ journal ideas below too. These journals are perfect for sparking creativity and helping kids develop a love for writing.

8 Ways Journaling Helps Kids

  1. Writing helps improve a child’s vocabulary and communication skills.
  2. Writing helps children learn to organize their thoughts and express themselves clearly.
  3. Writing can help boost a child’s memory and analytical skills.
  4. Journaling can help kids process emotions and understand their feelings better.
  5. Writing can teach kids discipline and how to be patient with their work.
  6. Writing can foster a love for reading and learning in children.
  7. Journaling can give kids a creative outlet to express themselves artistically.
  8. Journaling is an excellent way for parents to stay connected with their kids during adolescence.

20 of the best journals for kids

journal kids

Welcome to an all-new edition of Wreck This Journal, now in spectacular full color! With a mix of new, altered, and favorite prompts, Wreck This Journal: Now in Color invites you to wreck with color: mixing colors to make mud, letting chance dictate your color choice, weaving with brightly colored strips of paper, and more. Inside, you’ll find prompts for painting, shredding, transforming, and unleashing your creativity. 

kids journal ideas

College lined school notebook for girls and boys. Pop the bubble to relieve stress while writing. Perfect for any profession, school, work, notes, writing, lists, travel, poetry, diary, or art. Journal kids will love this one!

time capsule project for kids

As we get older, sometimes we can forget the details that make up our lives―from everyday things like what we ate for dinner to the games we played and our nurtured dreams. With this engaging time capsule journal, kids can record awesome adventures, achievements, and activities so they are captured for all time.

Writing prompts will inspire kids to write and doodle stories―both serious and silly―to reflect on their past, savor the present, and dream for the future. Pages also include places for adding photographs and memorabilia. Master story-catcher Katie Clemons will help children assemble the perfect treasure chest of their youth―their own unique story! This is a solid choice if you’re looking for the ideal kids journal!

coolest diaries of the year

Journals for kids have never been as cool! Now you can tell your own story. Based on the first book in the #1 bestselling Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is The Wimpy Kid Blank Journal—224 lined pages with spot art by Jeff Kinney throughout. So what are you waiting for?

journal kids

Over 100 silly tasks and creative things to make and do!

Put down the phone. Put down the tablet. Drop the game controller. It’s time for an adventure with the No Rules Journal!

writing skills for kids

Slow down and enjoy the moment with this adorable sloth journal for kids and adults.

journal kids

What are you grateful for today? Cultivating an attitude of gratitude yields many benefits: physical, mental, and spiritual. In this journal, you have the flexibility to write down the dates of entry. There are also pages in this journal where you can draw something beautiful. Learn something new every day. This is a process to learn and expand your life. In this journal, write down something new you have learned today. Write down something unique that happened in this journal every day. More amazing things will come into your life when you notice these and appreciate them. Gratitude is a feeling of appreciation for what one has. Write down three to four things you are grateful for in this gratitude journal and turn your ordinary moments into blessings. This is a cute gratitude journal for kids!

diaries for girls

 A lined 160-page fluffy notebook for girls to write down ideas and secrets. The perfect place for her to record her thoughts. Kids can write a story, take notes, draw pictures, or doodle on lined pages. Journal kids everywhere will love this!

leather notebooks for kids and adults

There is no lined feature; you can draw mind maps, sketch ideas, or write notes freely on the page. Perfectly work as a writing journal, drawing pad, sketchbook, travelers notebook, diary planner, coupon organizer, photo album, etc.

diaries for kids

The benefits of journal writing outlast the diary gift itself! A secret diary is an excellent keepsake for the future, and it is a powerful tool for the present. Experts say that journaling helps young girls, teens & pre-teens explore creativity, increase gratitude and mindfulness, build confidence, and strengthen communication skills. The best part is – no screens involved.

journal kids

This Big Life Journal is a growth mindset journal that empowers tweens and teens to dream about their future! The guided journal for teens contains science-based writing prompts designed to help them grow into happy, confident adults.

pack of journals

Motivational Journal: The lined journals feature six inspirational quotes such as “Be Bright, Be Bold, Be You,” “My Happiness Journal,” and “Believe in Yourself.”

cute diary for kids

Teenagers always hope to have a remarkable diary for writing, drawing, sketches, sticking photos, diary, notes, and good stress reliever to kill time; this unique writing journal is the best for every kid.

journal ideas for kids

This simple and fun journal will give your child an outlet for their emotions in a creative way – through both writing and drawing.

Each day has a repeated template of two pages, and these recur every day of the week. However, all pages are undated – so your child is not confined to having to use it every day.

journal kids

The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal is a guide to cultivating an attitude of gratitude for children. It is a self-exploration journal designed to focus on being thankful for what we have, the big things in life, and the simple joys. Each well-designed and kid-friendly daily spread contains space to list three things you are thankful for, a person who brought you joy, and how you felt about your day. If you start each day by writing down three things you are thankful for – a family, a favorite teacher, starting a good book – you begin every day on the right note. Do it daily and make it a habit to focus on the blessings you have been given! Grab a copy for a friend and share the journey!

question a day for kids

One Question a Day for Kids is a guided journal with fun and thoughtful questions for each day of the year. By answering the same question every day for three years, children will be able to see how their thoughts, creativity, and even handwriting change from year to year. Prompts are short and sweet, allowing kids to answer as concisely (or elaborately) as they want.

journal kids

A daily journal for kids to promote happiness, gratitude, self-confidence, and mental health wellbeing.

writing ideas for kids

Do you want to get to know yourself a little better? This question-a-day journal is bursting with great prompts for you to answer. What is your favorite kind of music? How would you use different superpowers? Is there anything that makes you nervous? Answer questions like these every day for a whole year! Journal kids will love these fun prompts!

travel journal for kids

It’s time to hit the road on your next family adventure―and kids will remember every second of fun-filled adventure. The Ultimate Travel Journal for Kids is packed with journaling prompts and activities for up to four so that no memory goes unwritten.

journal kids

This medium 5.7 in by 8 in lined notebook features a durable and water-resistant vegan leather cover, rounded corners, 160 pages, an inner expandable pocket, sticker labels, ribbon bookmark & elastic closure band.

Journal Ideas for Kids

It’s never too early to start journaling, and kids can benefit from the practice just as adults can. In fact, for very young children, journaling can be a way to help them learn to communicate their thoughts and feelings. It can also help them develop a sense of identity and self-awareness.

Older kids can use journaling to explore different topics and interests or to express their thoughts and feelings about events happening in their lives. Journaling can also be an excellent way for kids to practice writing skills.

kids writing skills

Here are some journal ideas for kids:

  • Have your child draw a picture of something they did that day, and then write about it.
  • Please help your child brainstorm a list of things they’re grateful for right now. They can add to the list each day or week.
  • Encourage them to write about what they hope to do in the future. Their goals can be short-term (I hope to go to the park tomorrow) or long-term (I hope to go to college and become a doctor).
  • Ask your child open-ended questions about their day, and have them answer in writing. Examples: What was the best part of your day? What made you feel happy today? What was something you struggled with today?
  • Encourage them to journal about their interests. Have them write about their favorite team or player if they like sports. If they like animals, have them write about their favorite animal.
  • Have your child keep a “dream journal.” Dream journals are a great way for kids to explore their imaginations and emotions. Every night before bed, have them write down any dreams they can remember.
  • Please help your child choose one thing they want to work on and journal about it each day. For example, if they want to learn to be more patient, have them journal about times when they felt impatient during the day and what they did in those situations. Or, if they want to become a better listener, have them journal about times when they caught themselves not listening and what they could have done differently.

Journaling is an excellent way for kids to express themselves, learn about themselves, and practice their writing skills. Journaling can be fun for kids of all ages with a bit of creativity. Try some of the ideas above to get started.

For more writing activities, see Want to Spark Your Child’s Creativity? Try a Chain Story or Want to Make Amazing Blackout Poetry? Here’s How.

And for more writing tips for kids, check out Do You Know How to Encourage a Young Writer?

How You Can Encourage Your Kids to Write More

As a parent, you know that getting your kids to write can be challenging. They may be reluctant to put thoughts down on paper, or they may not feel like they have anything interesting to say.

However, writing is an essential skill that can help your child in school and life. Here are a few ways that you can encourage your kids to write:

One way to get your kids to write is to give them a specific topic or prompt. A prompt can help them to focus their thoughts and get started.

You can also encourage them to keep a journal, where they can write about their day-to-day experiences.

Another way to encourage writing is to provide opportunities for your child to see their work in print. Seeing their work in print will inspire them to keep writing. For example, you could help them submit an article to the school newspaper or publish a poem on the family blog.

Finally, don’t forget to praise your child’s efforts when they do write. Positive reinforcement will help them see that you value their work and are interested in what they say. You can help your child develop a lifelong love of writing with encouragement.

In Sum

Encouraging your kids to journal can help them in a variety of ways. It will help them practice their writing skills, but journaling can also be a way to explore different topics and interests, express their thoughts and feelings, and learn more about themselves. With some creativity, journaling can be fun for kids of all ages. Try some of the ideas above to get started.

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