Gifts for young writers We Love

gifts for young writers

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a young writer, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the most incredible gifts for budding authors, journalists, and poets.

From personalized journals to stylish pens, these gifts are sure to inspire your favorite writer-in-training. So why not give the gift of creativity this year?

Scroll down to see our top picks!

Why Is Writing Important for kids?

  1. Writing can help kids develop their creativity and imagination.
  2. Writing can help kids learn to express themselves clearly and effectively.
  3. Writing can help kids develop their thinking and problem-solving skills.
  4. Writing can help kids build their literacy skills and knowledge base.
  5. Writing can be a fun, creative way for kids to share their thoughts and ideas.

gifts for young writers we love

Aspiring writers of all ages will appreciate gifts that help them hone their craft. Whether your loved one is just starting or has been writing for years, these gifts will help them improve their skills and create beautiful prose pieces.

Journals make the perfect gifts for young writers!

Journals are great gifts because they allow kids to write down their thoughts and ideas. They can also help kids develop their handwriting skills and improve their literacy skills. Additionally, journals can be a fun way for kids to express themselves creatively.

See 20 of the Best Journals for Kids for a comprehensive list of cute journals!

Some of my personal favorites are:

gifts for young writers
journals for kids
gifts for young writers

Creative Writing Craft Books for Kids

Writing craft books are some of the best gifts you can give to a young writer. These books offer invaluable tips and advice on how to improve your writing skills. They also provide inspiration and motivation, which can be essential for budding writers.

In addition, writing craft books are a great way to learn more about the writing process and how different writers approach their work.

If you’re looking for a gift to help your loved one become a better writer, then a craft book is the way to go!

See 20 of the Best Middle & High School Writing Books for the complete list of helpful writing books for kids!

Some favorites:

writing craft books for kids
books for young writers
creative writing book for kids

Create Your Own Book Kits make great gifts for young writers!

Making books is an excellent way for kids to express themselves and tell their own stories. A create your own book kit is a fun gift for kids who love to write. It comes with the supplies they need to make their own book, including a blank book, stickers, markers, and more.

gifts for young writers

Complete Book Kit: Includes 4 x 5-inch hardcover books with 12 blank sheets (24 pages), high-quality paper, six mini markers in a rainbow of colors, and 3 Adhesive-backed bookplates for dating and signing each book, and 100+ Color-in Clip-Art stickers, in a variety of classic themes!

book-making kit

This new version of the beloved book-making kit features a unique writing guide, ‘Just Imagine A Guide to Writing and Illustrating Your Story.’ The set also includes instructions and valuable information that guides your child to write and publish their very own book.

gifts for young writers

10 PACK BLANK FLIP BOOK KIT: Use 120 GSM paper, Thicker Cover and Spine. No Bleed Drawing Paper with Sewn Binding. Each 4.5” x 2.5” pad is designed for drawing animations from superheroes to explosions to fantastical creatures. Bring your drawings to life by flipping the pages with your thumb and watching the magic happen. Create Your Mini-Movie, Enjoy yourself Creative Freedom.

create a movie story for kids

AWAKEN CREATIVITY! Instead of letting your kids “veg out” in front of the TV, have them create their own unique movie story. This craft set allows children to draw endless movie scripts, colorful comics, and detailed animations that they can show on the included wooden TV. Younger children can color the Premade Coloring Story Rolls, while older children can draw their own scenes.

gifts for young writers
blank books for writing

These colorful blank books have 24 pages (12 sheets and 24 sides) each, and they come in 24 books per pack. They are great for journaling, drawing, sketching, and creative writing! Each pocket-size book measures 4.25 x 5.5 inches.

Writing lap desks as gifts!

A lap desk would be a great gift for young writers because it helps them stay organized. A lap desk has a place for a laptop, paper, and pens so that the writer can stay focused on their work.

Additionally, a lap desk can be used anywhere, which is perfect for writers who like to work in different places.

gifts for young writers
lap desks for reading and writing
gifts for young writers

Cute pens as gifts

Cute pens make great gifts for young writers because they inspire creativity and help kids develop their writing skills.

Kids love using colorful pens with fun designs; these pens help them feel excited about writing. The more excitement a child feels about writing, the more likely they will continue developing their skills.

gifts for young writers

Reaeon 30 Glitter Gel Pens include 18 Glitter Pens and 12 Neon-Glitter that meet the special requirement for Glitter fans. You wanted some sparkly Colors to bring your pages to life, So this rainbow of colors set will fulfill all your artistic needs.

gel pens

 Open the gift-worthy box to reveal the ultimate, variety-packed gel pen set, beautifully organized in 4 fold-out, stand-up sections; it makes choosing the purpose-perfect pen easy and fun.

gifts for young writers

Easily switch between all six colors: the 6-in-1 pens can write in different colors, including black, blue, red, orange, green, and purple. These make useful and fun gifts for students, children, office workers, and more, fit for drawing art projects and color-coding text.

lava pens for budding authors

A small hourglass design, this 6-pack of water and oil liquid motion pens feature beautiful, flowing colors that drop and move slowly, pushed along with time and gravity for a unique experience.

Creative Writing Games

Creative writing games are great for young writers because they help kids develop their creativity and imagination. They also help kids learn to express themselves clearly and effectively, which can be essential skills for writers.

Writing games help kids build their literacy skills and knowledge base. They can be a fun, creative way for kids to share their thoughts and ideas.

So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a young writer, check out some of the creative writing games on the market today:

gifts for young writers

This innovative kit includes a 64-page booklet with exercises and instructions that focus on a “right-brain” approach to writing. First Sentences, Non-Sequiturs, and Last Straws will get stories off the ground. The 60 cards fuel creative descriptions and four spinner palettes will ignite unexpected plot twists. This kit is the perfect first step on the path to literary greatness for any aspiring writer!

The Storymatic Kids

Gazillions of Writing Prompts – Make writing fun with 360 storytelling prompt cards and story starters for kids. A creative, family-friendly activity that little and big kids can play together. A gift for writers of all ages. Age 5 and up, up, up.

gifts for young writers

ROLL THE CUBES & MAKE A STORY: Combine items, characters, places, and animals to create and share unique tales in this game of limitless imagination and endless stories.

LED Writing Tablets Are the perfect gifts for budding authors

LED writing tablets make great gifts for young writers because they offer a fun and unique way to write. With no need for ink or paper, these tablets let kids create colorful, vibrant letters and drawings that light up on the screen. They’re also a great way to save money on paper. There’s no need to purchase any additional pens or paper once you have a tablet.

LED writing tablets

The tablet is easy to use and very lightweight. The screen is smooth and has no resistance, so you get crisp lines, colorful handwriting, and a “one-touch erase” that erases the entire screen with one press! The colors are fascinating, and it is a pleasure to write on them!

gifts for young writers

Draw on the surface with water. The water evaporates, leaving you with a clean slate, ready to create again!

LED writing tablets

The doodle board toys create colorful lines of different thicknesses based on how hard you push with a stylus. It is recommended to use under light, as the line will be brighter. Press erase button; emptying the screen content takes only one second. Also can use the lock key to save the content.

Books, Books, and More Books!

Books are the perfect gifts for young writers because they offer information and inspiration. They can help kids learn about different subjects, explore new ideas, and develop their creativity and imagination.

Additionally, books are a great way for kids to build their literacy skills and knowledge base. So if you’re looking for a gift that will help your favorite writer-in-training, look no further than a good old-fashioned book!

Some new releases that excite us:

gifts for young writers

Eleven-year-old Ella Durand is the first Conjuror to attend the Arcanum Training Institute, a magic school in the clouds where Marvellers from around the world practice their cultural arts, like brewing Indian spice elixirs and bartering with pesky Irish pixies.

Despite her excitement, Ella discovers that being the first isn’t easy―some Marvellers mistrust her magic, which they deem “bad and unnatural.” But eventually, she finds friends in elixirs teacher, Masterji Thakur, and fellow misfits Brigit, a girl who hates magic, and Jason, a boy with a fondness for magical creatures.

When a dangerous criminal known as the Ace of Anarchy escapes prison, supposedly with a Conjuror’s aid, tensions grow in the Marvellian world. Ella becomes the target of suspicion. Worse, Masterji Thakur mysteriously disappears while away on a research trip. With her friends’ help and growing powers, Ella must find a way to clear her family’s name and track down her mentor before it’s too late.

Spectacular Stories for Curious Kids

This book, a gift for kids who revel in reading (or even those who find it tedious), is a most extraordinary, gratifying, daring affair, teeming with life and vivid stories, abundantly complete with diverse and unique marvels for the young mind, the whole forming a blazing vision of breathtaking splendor that will astonish, inspire, and capture the imagination of young readers everywhere.

gifts for young writers

After inheriting a grieving fox spirit, a Chinese American boy must learn to embrace his heritage to solve the mystery of his brother’s death in Jesse Q Sutanto’s magical, action-packed middle-grade fantasy, Theo Tan and the Fox Spirit.

Katie the Catsitter

Calling all Raina Telgemeier fans! It’s back to school for Katie the Catsitter in this purr-fectly irresistible graphic novel series about friendship, heroes, and cats (lots of cats)!

gifts for young writers

In these six stories, set in six distinct worlds, you’ll meet a boy and his robot nanny traveling the globe in search of the world’s tastiest treat, a child mechanical prodigy who invents the freshest dessert ever, and an evil ice cream truck driver who strikes fear in the heart of every kid in town.

You’ll be transported to a beachside boardwalk with an ice cream stand run by a penguin, a hilltop realm ruled by a king with a sweet tooth, and a giant alien space lab with a lone human subject who longs for a taste of home.

For more booklists, see New Mysteries & Thrillers That Will Hook Your Middle Grade Reader, New Middle Grade Fantasy Books, and 20 of the Best Middle School Horror Books to Read.

Writing Activities to do with your budding author

Many parents want to help their children with their writing skills but don’t know how to help. Participating in writing activities with kids is a great way to help them learn and improve their writing skills.

Here are four ways that parents can help their children become better writers:

  • Provide encouragement and positive feedback.
  • Help kids develop good writing habits.
  • Encourage creativity and imagination.
  • Foster a love of reading.

For more tips, see Give Me 5 Minutes, And I’ll Tell You How to Improve Your Tween’s Writing.

What better gifts for young writers than one-0n-one time spent doing writing activities together?

For instance, try a chain story. A chain story is a narrative, each section of which is written by a different author picking up where the previous one left off.

Or you can try to make blackout poetry. Blackout poetry is when a writer takes a marker (usually black; hence the name “blackout poetry”) to an already established text like a newspaper or the page of a book and starts crossing out and blackening words until a new poem is formed.

Finally, give your young writer a journal prompt and see what they come up with on the fly!

In Sum…

So, if you know a young writer constantly churning out stories or poems, one of these gifts is sure to put a smile on their face. And don’t forget – many of these gifts would also make great presents for writers at any age!

Do you have a favorite gift from the list? Let me know in the comments below, and subscribe to my newsletter, so you never miss another post.

Happy writing!

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