Five Ways You Can Support Your Local Library

five ways you can support your library

Why is it important to support your local library?

Libraries are an essential part of any healthy community. They’ve evolved into hubs of learning and innovation. They matter now more than ever because they create equal access for all.

As a child, the library meant books, storytime, and random collections of VHS tapes to me. Libraries mean free Internet services, literacy programs, research databases, meetings, classes, ebooks, audiobooks, community outreach, and more in the digital age.

Libraries provided community outreach as covid-19 ravaged our communities. For instance, the Chicago Public Libraries banded together under the initiative Operation Hope, which sends donations of PPE to three area hospitals and their healthcare workers. The El Dorado County Library, CA, has delivered 700 face shields and plans to use its 3D printers to make another 15k for local hospitals and county facilities.

I could list 100s more examples like this.

So how can you give back and support your local library through covid and beyond?

five ways you can support your library

Support Your Library’s Programming by Attending Online Events via Zoom

Statistics help us prove to local officials that the community uses the library, and they tell us what programs, events, services, and materials our community wants.

Did you know most libraries offer online book clubs, book discussions, and storytimes?

91% of Americans ages 16 and older say public libraries are important to their communities, yet only 22% say that they know all or most of the services their libraries offer.

Pew Research

My local library’s Cuyahoga County Public Library (CCPL) features a Zoom series of authors, performers, journalists, activists, and educators. All you need to do is reserve your spot online. Simple!

CCPL offers Play-Online and hosts online gaming and tournaments. ProjectArts Online holds tuition-free, after-school art classes for children. Also, students can receive live, online tutoring for free with library cards via

Check your library’s website. I think you’ll be surprised to see all of the great programmings your family can enjoy through quarantine and beyond. Use it. It’s free! By participating, you are giving back to your community.

The following is just a screenshot of a handful of activities at our library for Wednesday, June 1:

examples of library activities

Give Back to Your Library by Donating Your Time or Used Books and Join Friends of the Library

Many libraries offer curbside pickup, digital material loans, and online activities.

If you donate money to charitable causes this year, consider donating to your local library foundation—that way, you give back directly to those in your community.

My local library uses those donations to offer free after-school homework assistance, support struggling readers with the 1-2-3 READ program, supply laptops for adult learners, and provide resources for new parents.

An alternative to a one-time donation is to become a member of Friends of the Library. FOTL’s function is to raise money for the library.

If you can’t afford the commitment of a Friends membership, you can donate your used books. These books go into the Friends of the Library’s used books sales, where they are resold for $1 apiece.

five ways you can support your local library

I never miss the library’s used book sales. The books are super cheap, both kid’s and adult’s books. Plus, I know every dollar I spend there goes right back into my library, benefiting my neighbors and family.

Help Your Library by Telling Your Friends and Sharing on Social Media

Like any typical business, libraries thrive on word of mouth.

When an online library event catches your eye, spread the word! Share images of your library on social media. By doing so, you raise your community’s awareness and spread the library’s visibility.

Share images of the books you’ve checked out. Share screenshots of events and information from your local library’s website. If your library has its own social media accounts, spread the love by sharing its posts on your pages.

The following is a quick representation of my local library’s Instagram account @cuyahogalib:

how you can support your local library

Teach your children to love the library. Let them check out books, ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, comic books, and DVDs. When they are old enough, get them their own library cards.

Did you know you can request books if your library doesn’t carry them? Ask, and you shall receive. The library will find the books for you and ship them to your local branch/community. Pretty cool! Right?

Tell Your Library What You Want and Borrow, Borrow, Borrow

Check out books, ebooks, and audiobooks regularly. Borrow, borrow, borrow!

Many libraries now offer contactless curbside pickup of library materials, such as books, movies, and even WIFI hotspots. You place a hold on the materials you want to pick up. When you pick up your materials, you place a call to the reference desk, pop your trunk, and a masked, gloved staff member places your order in your trunk. Easy peasy!

Ebooks, audiobooks, and other digital materials are available 24/7 via OverDrive and Libby apps.

My local library provides a program called Words on Wheels. Due to age (over 60) or disability, residents unable to pick up can have library materials delivered to their homes.

Here is a list of some free library apps available to users:

educational resources the library offers

Reinforce Your Library’s Value by Letting Local Leaders Know You Value It

Take a few minutes to write a letter to your local officers supporting your library.

Sometimes, no matter how much you support your library, it still feels like it’s never enough. Budgets get cut, programs get canceled, and books get censored. To combat these changes, you can become a library advocate.

E-mail or call your legislator or Town Councilperson expressing your support for library services. Attend public hearings to demonstrate your support of public library funding. Be vocal!


Doing any one of the following things supports your library:

  • Attend online library events and programming via Zoom.
  • Donate your time or used voice and join Friends of the Library.
  • Tell your friends you use the library.
  • Borrow, borrow, borrow.
  • Let your local officials know you value your library.

I hold libraries close to my heart. My mother raised me to use them, and that value stuck with me my entire life. Now that I have children, I pass along that love to them. In the sixteen years since I started having children, we have spent 100s and 100s of hours at the library.

Reach out to me on Facebook or Twitter to let me know how these tips helped you think about your library in new ways. For more bookish content, check out my Instagram @jenjburt_mamabookwormreads.

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