5 ways to solve the “my child hates reading” dilemma

my child hates reading

Do any of the following apply to you:

  • My child hates reading.
  • My child is a reluctant reader.
  • My child doesn’t like books.

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, this article is for you. Reading is a skill that many children don’t enjoy. (Some kids downright hate it.) I know this because my son falls into this category, and he’ll do anything to avoid reading.

So, what can you do when your child hates reading books?

It’s time for us to get creative! See below for five things you should try if your child doesn’t like reading…

“my child hates reading” fix 1: Ask your child to help you in the kitchen by reading recipes aloud.

Helping in the kitchen and reading recipes aloud can be a great way to stimulate literacy. Teaching my child the names of the recipe as we read it out loud might even make my child want to try cooking.

There are many ways that my child might learn to read through me helping them in the kitchen. They can help read recipes aloud, learn how to pronounce new words as we read aloud, and decide which words go with what smells.

Top cookbooks for kids

my child hates reading

“my child hates reading” fix 2: Try comics, manga, or magazines.

There are many ways that comics, manga, and magazines can help your child learn how to read. Comics give kids a chance to read what they want at their own pace. They also provide pictures for easy comprehension.

Manga offers the same thing but pictures of people or animals instead of drawings.

Magazines use pictures and text in exciting stories for children who like reading about real-life things (like my child).

my child hates reading
my child hates reading
my child hates reading

“my child hates reading” fix 3: Listen to audiobooks in the car.

Audiobooks can help kids love reading in many ways. One positive way audiobooks can help is by giving kids someone else to read to them. Audiobooks are beneficial for auditory learners. Audiobooks can also help kids who are struggling readers because they have the chance to listen at their own pace. Audiobooks are also an excellent tool for helping kids learn non-fiction books.

Kids might find that listening is less work than reading, making it easier for them to focus on understanding what they’re hearing or see how fast they’re progressing through the material.

To read more about the benefits of audiobooks, see Five Surprising Benefits of Audiobooks for Kids.

“my child hates reading” fix 4: Try hobby books or how-to manuals.

Hobby books are a great way to help your child love reading. If you have your child pick out a favorite hobby book or how-to manual, it will give them an idea of what they want to do when they get older. The books also help children learn new skills, which are critical during these early years of learning.

Try a how-to manual for something your child wants to learn about! Hobby manuals are a great way to get children interested in reading and loving what they choose as their future career path! They can have an immense influence on our choices later on in life, so it is essential to encourage early interest from our little ones whenever possible! How do you think these types of things impact childhood development?

my child hates reading

“my child hates reading” fix 5: Try oddity, record, and joke books.

Kids love record books and joke books because they are a great way to have fun with their friends. Using these books can be an excellent way to get kids to hang out and have a good time. Oddity books are also a great way to get kids excited about reading.

my child hates reading
my child hates reading


If your child hates reading, think outside the box. Get them involved in the kitchen, listen to audiobooks, or try a joke book. There are many nontraditional ways your reluctant reader can boost their verbal skills outside of hours spent reading books. See Want Your Child to Read More? Act Now With These 15 Easy Tips.

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