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Hello! My name is Jen...

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helping parents of middle schoolers navigate the tween years.

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Literacy & learning start at home. 

The middle school years can be tumultuous. Parenting tweens can be hard! During this time of rapid growth, relationships, experience, and positive reinforcement continue the foundation built over the elementary years.  

My goal is to equip parents of middle schoolers with research-based information and enrichment activities to spark creativity and generate interest in reading and writing to nurture tweens and unlock the potential that stems from the purposeful parenting of this age group. 


Who knew pre-calc could evoke an existential crisis?

[calls Dr. Google for assistance]

Do you think I’d dive into the abyss of chem or calc? Nah, I cried into my pillow many times over those subjects back in high school. No way I’m revisiting that purgatory! Do you need some ninja editing for your essay? Craving enlightenment in history, civics, or literature? I’m your lady.

And as for my husband? He’s the Chem-and-Calc-Conqueror. He aced them back in high school. Hit him up for those subjects, kiddos.

Anyone relate? What was your best subject in school? Worst? What class gave you PTSD lol?

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Captain of the SS Downer, sailing since 2005…

Cooperation tho, not power struggles 🫶🏼

First of all, don’t let your teen’s messy habits get under your skin. It’s not a reflection of your parenting skills! Second, while finding a pile of dishes under their bed might make you want to pull your hair out, it doesn’t mean they’re destined for a life of laziness. Their adolescent brains are wired to chase dopamine. (That’s why they love to take risks but hate cleaning their rooms.)

Still, they need to understand the value of helping out around the house and that they support the whole family by doing chores. And the pile of dirty dishes was just gross…

My kids have been doing their laundry for years. I don’t touch it. They clean their rooms. Every night after dinner, they are assigned different cleanup chores on the main level of our house so we can all move along with our evening faster. Team work, baby!

What’s a chore you think teenagers should do on a weekly basis? Daily?

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wanna bet?

While reading can’t eliminate all your problems, it can alleviate stress. In turn, that allows you to problem-solve better, in general. I’ve found it to be my most powerful anxiety and stress reliever.

Anyway, can we also normalize looking like shit in reels? Because the second I get home from work and then the errands, meetings, and kids’ activities, I’m in my ugly sweats. No makeup. Braless. It’s like I have to shed the day immediately. Kick the f*cking stress to the curb. And during this time, I may shoot a reel for shits and gigs. Ugly. Reels. Let’s make it a thing.

I’m starting to plan my travel for the summer.

Are you going anywhere this year/summer? Or tell me the benefits you’ve found from your reading life. Is it a stress reliever for you?

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plot twist

Playing devil’s advocate is an ick for me. Just is.

Hows your week going?

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cereal’s in the cupboard, kiddos…

Before the parenting po-po comes after me here, my children are all teenagers who know their way around a kitchen. They’re not little guys anymore.

This morning, I woke up with a fever, a cold, and a sore throat. It shouldn’t be surprising since I work in a middle school where kids have been sneezing and hacking a lot these last two weeks. Let’s hope this is short-lived, and I’m back to feeling great in no time!

Guess I have some forced reading time on my hands!

Speaking of preparing dinners. What’s your go-to? Or tell me something new you’ve made in the kitchen recently. Do you kids know their way around the kitchen?

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dear universe: more time to read, please & thank you. ♡

What are you manifesting today?

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This is an overdramatization, folks lol. I’m just tired af and overwhelmed this week.

I forgot my son’s dental appointment two days ago. They didn’t give me a courtesy reminder, but that’s no excuse. Up to this point, I’ve used digital calendars, but I’m wondering if a paper planner might better suit my life now that I’m managing two jobs, four teenagers, a household, etc.

Question for you - Do you rely on a digital calendar? Print? Combo? Give me your best organizational tips for keeping your meetings, appointments, life admin organized.

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parents of middle schoolers
parents of middle schoolers

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In the case of good books, the point is not to see how many of them you can get through, but rather how many can get through to you.

– Mortimer J. Adler