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Hello! My name is Jen...

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helping parents of middle schoolers navigate the tween years.

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Literacy & learning start at home. 

The middle school years can be tumultuous. Parenting tweens can be hard! During this time of rapid growth, relationships, experience, and positive reinforcement continue the foundation built over the elementary years.  

My goal is to equip parents of middle schoolers with research-based information and enrichment activities to spark creativity and generate interest in reading and writing to nurture tweens and unlock the potential that stems from the purposeful parenting of this age group. 


cereal’s in the cupboard, kiddos…

Before the parenting po-po comes after me here, my children are all teenagers who know their way around a kitchen. They’re not little guys anymore.

This morning, I woke up with a fever, a cold, and a sore throat. It shouldn’t be surprising since I work in a middle school where kids have been sneezing and hacking a lot these last two weeks. Let’s hope this is short-lived, and I’m back to feeling great in no time!

Guess I have some forced reading time on my hands!

Speaking of preparing dinners. What’s your go-to? Or tell me something new you’ve made in the kitchen recently. Do you kids know their way around the kitchen?

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dear universe: more time to read, please & thank you. ♡

What are you manifesting today?

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This is an overdramatization, folks lol. I’m just tired af and overwhelmed this week.

I forgot my son’s dental appointment two days ago. They didn’t give me a courtesy reminder, but that’s no excuse. Up to this point, I’ve used digital calendars, but I’m wondering if a paper planner might better suit my life now that I’m managing two jobs, four teenagers, a household, etc.

Question for you - Do you rely on a digital calendar? Print? Combo? Give me your best organizational tips for keeping your meetings, appointments, life admin organized.

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February is Black History Month!

Picture “The Hunger Games” transformed into a raucous, raw, and rebellious blues anthem that hits you with the force of a sonic boom in Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah’s acclaimed Chain-Gang All-Stars.

Loretta Thurwar and Hamara “Hurricane Staxx” Stacker defy the American prison system’s unholy alliance of systemic racism, unchecked capitalism, and mass incarceration.

This is my Black History Month book pick! It’s available now. Read diversely year round ッ

QOTD: If you could eradicate one annoying social media trend from existence, what would it be?

I’d eradicate the “read the caption,” “see the caption,” and “answer in the caption” from all reels, LOL. That shit is annoying.

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Is it possible to tape your eyelids open on Mondays? Is that a thing?

Even my coffee needs a coffee...😴

Howdy, hoes! Hope your weekend was restorative.

No matter how tired I am in any given day, I am blessed with the incredible ability to focus. But I know some people struggle with this!

So I thought I’d share three helpful tips for maintaining focus on your book when you’re feeling extra sleepy:

ッ If you’re feeling tired, opt for lighter reading material that doesn’t require intense concentration or deep understanding.

ッ Instead of trying to read for an extended period, break your reading into shorter, more manageable sessions.

ッ Make sure your reading environment is conducive to staying awake and focused—adjust lighting and sit in an upright position to help stay alert.

Take your pick —> Do you have a tip to add to my list? What do you need today (sleep, coffee, hugs, good vibes)? Or tell me something good about your weekend.

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say, “yes, chef,” and say it nicely 👩‍🍳

What up, baddies! 🙂

3 Rando Things:

1. We all know that reading enhances connectivity in the brain. But did you know that MRI scans show this persists even after you finish a book, suggesting a lasting impact on neural pathways? 🧠

2. Have I mentioned how giddy I am about 2024’s fashion trends? I don’t follow the trends exactly because $, but these match my aesthetic perfectly, so F yes, as much as I can. Oversized pieces, volume, and wide legs. Grandpa Chic. Retro sneakers. Fancy flats. 🤩

3. News sources in Cleveland teased a big concert announcement for weeks. My head was with the rumor mill, thinking we’d get a T Swift show here at the Browns Stadium. Nah. Nope. They came out with Billy Joel and Rod Stewart. C’mon now. These gentlemen are beyond talented musicians, but…they’re older, they’ve toured a billion times, and they’ve been to Cle plenty. A collective sigh was heard round Cle…😑

What’s something you are starting to dislike more as you get older? Or respond to one of my random thoughts…

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it’s always when you’re 200 pages deep…

Just me?

It can be a poorly crafted character, a trope I dislike, a word used too often, etc. Whatever the cause, the book is dead to me. If this feeling comes over me, I will DNF a book on page 300, even if it’s 350 pages long, without flinching.

Relate–yay or nay? Bookish ick for you? Or last book you set aside?

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strutting down the aisles of B&N like it’s NY Fashion Week over here 💀

Happy Tuesday!

Guess what? I’m almost finished with Kate Alice Marshall’s No One Can Know. Berkley approved me for a copy of S. A. Barnes’s Ghost Station, so I might’ve taken a slight detour to dig into that a bit. While I cook dinner and do chores, I’ve been listening to Ashley Elston’s First Lie Wins.

Anyway, back to bookstores. I have this habit of walking through the new release section and mentally counting all of the displayed books I’ve already read. Last Saturday, my best friend and I dropped in B&N, and I didn’t buy anything. I. Didn’t. Buy. Anything. What do I win?

Favorite bookstore? Favorite place to buy books online? Do you sell books? If so, where?

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parents of middle schoolers
parents of middle schoolers

Best Book Recommendations for Teens (13+):

books for tweens


ya books for middle schoolers


books for middle schoolers


In the case of good books, the point is not to see how many of them you can get through, but rather how many can get through to you.

– Mortimer J. Adler